Heavy Metal Magazine #305 Cover A,  Frank Frazetta

Heavy Metal Magazine #305 Cover A, Frank Frazetta

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Heavy Metal Magazine #305 Cover A,  Frank Frazetta

Steve Orlando, Ron Marz, George C. Romero, Michelle Sears, Diego Yapur, Brendan Columbus, Hann, Al Barrionuevo, Candice Han, Matt Medney, German Ponce, Protobunker, Felipe Sobreiro, Ryan Lindsay, Sebastian Piriz (A) Various (CA) Andrea De Dominicis

“At the end of the American Civil War, a ragtag squad of Confederate soldiers calls upon the ultimate evil to save the South. Now, the remains of their unit must team with Union soldiers to survive the horrors of the Swamp God” - Swamp God by Ron Marz & Armitano

“In the future a combat unit comprised of Vampires, Minotaurs and mythical species that man has spent years oppressing, find out that they’re part of a diabolical plot and that they have two paths, overcome their differences and work together or die.” - Queensbury by Patrick Smith!

Frank Frazetta Jr interviewed!

Mark McCann's prose story "The Grasping Dark".

Vasator & Crunch, a robot and barbarian tale by David Erwin and Kevin Molen!

Plus new chapters of Bart & Michelle Sears’ Maiden, George C. Romero’s The Rise, Brendan Columbus Savage Circus, and Matthew Medney’s Dark Wing!

Cover A by Frank Frazetta